Suddhāvāsa (In The Pure Abodes)


We will all meet again,
at last,
upon returning to our pure being.
There in the Pure Abodes,
we will all find each other once more.
Remembering the countless past-lives
when our radiance was yet veiled
by the darkness of desire,
and suffering.
But we will understand one another,
with boundless
infinite forgiveness.
And we will celebrate our graceful memories
of one another,
when despite of our bodies,
despite of our physical form,
and despite of the world,
we yet amounted to the purities of the Pure Abodes.
Thus will we remind each other:

“Remember when you returned no aversion to me even though I was cruel to you?!
“Remember the life when you awakened every day before dawn to make bread for me?!
“Remember when I was in great distress and pain and you helped me without asking for anything in return?!
“Remember when even though your heart was aching, you nevertheless carried my burden for me in silence?!
“Remember when I appeared at your doorstep in the early morning, holding my empty bowl in modesty, and you gave me with a contented blissful heart the best of the little that you had?!
“Remember when I begged you for an undeserved forgiveness and you immediately gave it to me?!
“Remember when I lived for so long as an angry fool in the warmth of your patience and tolerance?!
“Remember when you advanced to the threshold of danger only because it was there that you could save others from it?!
“Remember how you remained humble despite of others’ glorification of you?!
“Remember how you remained kind despite of the injustices done to you?!
“Remember how you remained open-hearted despite of the evil surrounding you?!
“Remember how you remained compassionate despite of the power that grew in you?!
“Remember how you once gave away everything you have to dwell in the pure freedom and release of the heart of non-possession and homelessness?!”

And so
the radiant gods of the Pure Abodes
will sing their collective song:

“Oh that was you?!”
“Yes that was me!”
“Yes that my heart remembers!”
“Oh that now does make me laugh!”
“And that no longer brings tears and sadness in me!”
“For that I venerate you!”
“For this I thank you!”
“It has never been you and me!
“It has always been the human being!”
“I have forgotten everything about my sorrowful human past!”
“But I remember everything about your benevolent human past!”
“How foolish it all was!”
“What a tremendous battle of the heart!”
“The vanity is over!”
“Gone now is all delusion!”
“The light is indescribable!”
“The bliss, eternal.”
“It is over!”
“It is all over.”

my friends,
will we celebrate together
our ultimate radiant freedom,
in the Pure Abodes.
Remembering and smiling
at many thousands and thousands of lives,
that we spent prisoners,
in a realm of perpetual suffering,
a realm of form and desire,
attachment and clinging,
yearning without ending,
seeking but never finding,
losing after gaining,
grieving after delighting,
and death,
after birth.

Thus we all of us,
every single one of us,
will finally meet again.
There in the Pure Abodes,
shall we celebrate together,
our final freedom,
from ignorance,
from delusion,
from desire and aversion,
from all anguish,
envy and hate.
There in the Pure Abodes,
there shall be no more you and I,
there shall only be deathlessness,
a blissful radiance that sweeps every space,
with imperturbable peace,
transcendent presence,
and unconditional compassion.



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