piya-apiya (13 stanzas on loving and hating)

Freedom is the biggest camouflage word for power
freedom in the world is a mere desire
and the people always desire to experience something pleasurable
and avoid the painful.

The opposite of what we want does not only exist
but it is the desire and manifestation of another’s power
what we consider our freedom is the diminishing of theirs
and their freedom is precisely our prison.

you say “I love this and want it, I hate that and don’t want it”
but the distinction exists only in your mind,
it does not exist in the environment.
Here begins our suffering and delusion about reality.

the ego becomes the only frame of reference
and it does not attempt to find itself in environment,
it thinks that it is on top of the environment.
The environment is the thing that is on top of it!

The thriving ego never fully understands that it is defeated
then it does not understand what is the cause of its agony.
It thinks that it does not fit in the environment
it searches for and desires another environment.

“I love this and want it, I hate that and don’t want it”, thus it searches
it wants to create a world of its own.
But all the worlds are already created!
The world is the thing that is on top of the ego!

But why the ego is imprisoned like this?
because of what it loves and what it hates!
because of its delusion about this distinction,
and that it vainly keeps searching for it in every environment.

We are surrounded by unlikable things,
we are what is unlikable for others.
Every one desire what they love;
the environment is already formed!

Everything loved is in the environment,
but there exists everything that is hated too.
what can the self do to become free
without the ego’s will to its exclusive power!

By relinquishing what we love and desire,
by non-blaming of all that is hated,
we finally see the environment.
Before we do that we only see the self.

There can be no equality when distinctions are held,
and everything in the world always seeks to be equal.
But once equilibrium is established in the environment,
there soon begins the desire for distinction.

Such is the course of every energy,
and no energy lasts independently.
Human suffering is in the environment,
and no one can escape death!

The path of transcendence is wide open
only to those who no longer love or hate.
But are seeking to abide in peaceful release
beyond the conditioning of all environments.


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