The fish, the poison, and the addiction!


What we have hitherto called
“fear of death”
has always been the very opposite:
of life.

For at the very root of our
attachments and affections;
beneath and behind all our impulses,
right at the heart of all things
for which we develop desire
and which we need,
just there in this subtle depth
lies the most profound fear,
and self-contempt.

And of all our attachments
and affections,
the addiction to life,
to just “live” and survive,
stands paramount.

Not knowing why
we live!
Not knowing why
we keep living!
Not knowing why
we want to live!
I guess
like a fish
that has never been out of the water
and that quickly runs out of breath
as soon as it discovers
what land and air are,
what universe
lies above and around;
we too,
just live
because we have never been out
of the little pool of life
except upon our death.

Life is by its very nature
But our profound
incurable addiction
veils from our sight
the great fear that grasps our hearts.
It is the ultimate case
of substance abuse!
The poison is life,
its victim never had a choice!

just who,
or what,
is behind this supreme evil trick?!
And just from what source
do we find it within our very hearts
to embrace this whole world
with infinite compassion?!


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